Math 8085 is a graded 3-credit course for individual readings and problems supervised by a member of the Mathematics Department regular faculty.

Registration for Math 8085 requires individual approval by the Director of Graduate Studies.

Mathematics graduate students seeking approval to register for Math 8085 should work with the faculty member who will be supervising the course to compile an 8085 course proposal.

The 8085 course proposal should include all of the following information:

  • Name of student
  • Name of faculty member supervising the course
  • Brief title for the course (e.g. "Applications of the Ambrose-Singer holonomy theorem")
  • Outline of the material that will be covered (including references to book chapters and/or journal papers where applicable). Since this is an 3 credit 8000 level course, the level and quantity of material should be at proportionate.
  • Expected type and frequency of student/professor interaction (i.e. meet for an hour once a week)
  • Criteria for assigning a course grade (i.e. grade based on student's understanding as evidence by a specified number of oral presentations and/or written assignments)

Please email the course proposal to:

Within three weekdays, the student will be advised how to proceed. In some cases, additional information will be needed before the course is approved.