Designed to give students training in those areas of mathematics used frequently in applications. A candidate must satisfactorily complete 30 hours of approved course work, at least 15 hours of which must be in 8000-level courses. Math 8420 and 8440 is required, as is either 8190 or 8090. Math 8445 and 8480 are suggested. At least three hours of the 30 hours must be taken outside the department. Additional requirements (some of which may be satisfied by work done as an undergraduate) include the completion of one year of advanced calculus and at least one approved course in each of the areas of linear algebra, numerical analysis and mathematical statistics or probability. Students may not list the courses 7100, 7110, 7140 nor 7510 The successful completion of a Master's Project (Math 8190) or Master's Thesis (Math 8090) must be certified by a Master's Committee consisting of three members of the Mathematics regular faculty.

The following table suggests an order in which to take courses.

Course plan

Some courses are not offered every semester. Below is a list of which semesters core course are available.

Core courses

Some of the above courses are listed in the catalog under different names.  Others are new courses, and are currently listed as topics courses until we are able to add them to the catalog.

Course conversions table