Before your travel takes place, you will need a completed and approved Travel Authorization Form (to be completed in eCompliance) and a Graduate Student Travel Fund Application (to be emailed to the Associate Chair).

  • The Travel Authorization Form is found on eComplianceTo complete the form, you will need to ask the Business Manager or OSA for the appropriate MoCode. Furthermore, you should enter the Associate Chair as your supervisor in line 13, and the Department Financial Manager in line 14.


  • The Graduate Student Travel Fund Application can be found here.The funding source (ie. MoCode) and amount/services to be reimbursed must be listed out (i.e. max of $X, or fixed amount, or lodging and meals, etc). If the funding source is a grant, the PI and grants office approval will also be needed. If travel affects teaching duties, the course coordinator must approve as well.

It is imperative that you email a completed Grad Student Travel Fund Application to the Associate Chair in order to have the Travel Authorization Form processed in eCompliance.

After travel is completed, you will attach the approved travel authorization, graduate student travel fund application, receipts for reimbursements, and any and all approvals of funding source via Cherwell via ``MU College of Arts and Science'' > “Service Catalog” > “Reimbursements” > “Reimbursement for Travel Expense.”

Graduate Student Travel Form