The Graduate Student Travel Form should be used for pre-approval of travel and/or application for reimbursement from the department's Graduate Student Travel Fund. Please submit the completed form at least two weeks in advance of the start of travel to Glenda McGaughey.

Travel Pre-approval
Preapproval is required for all graduate student travel that impacts the performance of Teaching Assistant duties, regardless of the source of funding for the travel.

Preapproval is required for all graduate student travel that involves funding from University sources, even if the travel does not impact on TA duties. University sources are understood to include the departmental Graduate Student Travel Fund (see below), faculty research grants, and travel awards from University units such as A&S or the Graduate School.

Mathematics Graduate Student Travel Fund
The Graduate Student Travel Form is also to be used for requesting funding from the department's Graduate Student Travel Funds.

Based on prior approval of the student's advisor and of the chair, the Graduate Student Travel Funds will contribute towards the expenses of graduate students traveling to attend a conference. Expenses other than travel (for example book or computer purchases) are not eligible for Travel Fund reimbursement. All mathematics graduate students are eligible, including Master's students. A student's Graduate Students Travel Fund reimbursement is limited the following amounts, independent of whether the applicant is presenting a talk.

Limits per academic year: (the academic year starts on the first day of Fall Semester.)

  • $ 600 for students who have passed the Comprehensive Exam
  • $ 400 for students who have passed both Qualifying Exams but have not passed the Comprehensive Exam
  • $ 100 for students who have not passed both Qualifying Exams

After the trip, the student should bring the following documentation to Kyle Newell-Groshong to complete the reimbursement application:

  • ORIGINAL RECEIPTS for ELIGIBLE travel-related expenses up to the maximum reimbursable amount award. Please provide information about other sources of funding for the trip. Travel, lodging, and food are eligible if they are not being paid for by other sources. Some limits apply.

Graduate Student Travel Form

Complete this form for travel*:

  • When the travel is during the time you are on Appointment.
  • During the summer if you anticipate requesting travel-related prepayments or reimbursements from funds administered by the University.

*If travel involves personal travel as well make sure that you discuss with staff prior to the trip.