Do I Need to Take the Math Placement Test if...

The purpose of our placement process is to determine, based on your mathematical background and current mathematical ability, which math courses are appropriate for you.

If you have math transfer credits and the Math Placement Test places you below the level you need for a particular math course, please discuss this with an adviser at Summer Welcome. Remember, placement is about being successful, not skipping courses. If the Math Placement Test places you below the level that you desire, it is an indication that you need to spend time reviewing in the Prep and Learning Module or may possibly need to take a lower level course, in order to be more successful in your MU Math course.

Even if you expect to earn AP credit, AP scores are not available until mid-summer, and decisions about your eligibility for math courses may be needed prior to the receipt of your AP scores.

It is possible that your AP score will allow you to register for a higher level math course, so you should check with an adviser at Summer Welcome.

An ACT Math Subscore of 28 or higher (or SAT Math Subscore of 660 or higher) means that you are exempt from College Algebra. You can determine if you need to take the Math Placement Test by deciding what course(s) you plan to take:

  • If you plan to take a Mathematics Reasoning Proficiency (MRP) course in another department, you can register for that course without taking the Math Placement Test. Note that Statistics courses are not offered by the Math department.
  • If you plan to take any math department course (including Math 1100), you will need to earn the minimum Math Placement Test scores required for your desired course.

A high school course does not count towards college credit unless it was taken as part of a dual credit program through a college or university. Students must take the Math Placement Test in order to place into the appropriate Math course at MU.

If you took a college-level or dual credit course while in high school, you must provide appropriate documentation to the Office of Admissions so that your credits will appear on your MU records.

Statistics courses are not offered by the Math department. You should contact the Statistics Department directly for more information

Regardless of whether or not you have taken a course before, you must satisfy the prerequisite requirements for the course for the upcoming semester when you plan to enroll. For example, if you did not earn a C- or above in your last math course and want to repeat it, you will need valid Math Placement Test scores for the upcoming semester. If your original score has expired, you will need to repeat the assessment.

No. MU does not accept Math Placement Test scores taken elsewhere.