An exemption from College Algebra is given to students who have demonstrated a minimum proficiency in mathematics through ACT/SAT scores, or through transfer credit of a Calculus-level course. Any student with a College Algebra Exemption has satisfied the University's Math and Quantitative General Education requirement.

No credit is provided to a student who receives a College Algebra exemption, but the exemption allows a student to take any class outside the Math department that has College Algebra as a prerequisite (for instance, Statistics courses, which are offered by a separate department).

Note: A College Algebra exemption will NOT qualify a student to take any class inside the Mathematics department. Students who are exempt from College Algebra must still earn the minimum Math Placement Test score (or have prior course credit) in order to place into any course in the Math department, including MATH 1100.

Students are exempt from the University's Math and Quantitative Reasoning General Education requirement if they have one of the following:

ACT/SAT Math subscores, as indicated below:

Test Date ACT Math Subscore SAT Math Subscore
AFTER 3/1/2016 28 or higher 660 or higher
8/1/2009 – 3/1/2016 28 or higher 640 or higher
BEFORE 8/1/2009 28 or higher 600 or higher

Transfer a Calculus course (MATH 1400 or MATH 1500) with a grade of C- or higher. Transfer STAT 2500 with a grade of C- or higher, or receive AP credit for STAT 2500.