Spring 2019

  • Brian Hrabe: (College Algebra Teacher at Park Hill High School, Kansas City, MO) Special Cases of the Problem of Apollonius Solved with Circle Inversion (Dix Pettey)

Spring 2016

  • Kayla Essner: (Math teacher at Advance High School) Integration by parts for higher order operators and applications to boundary value problems (Dorina Mitrea)

Summer 2014

  • Ji Yeong (Joann) I:  Dini's Approach to the Implicit Function Theorem (C. Morpurgo)

Spring 2009

  • Amanda Clayton:  (D. Mitrea)
  • David Reinert:   (D. Pettey)

Spring 2008

  • Kevin James BrewsterSurface To Surface Changes Of Variables And Applications (M. Mitrea)

Fall 2007

  • Dan Ross: Constructibility (I. Papick)

Winter 2003

  • Kristina Hahn:  A Short Study of Projective Geometry Examining the Pappus, Desaqrgues, Steiner, and Pascal Theorems

Summer 2002

  • Angela Muenks:  Developing Mathematics Curricular Materials for Future Middle School Mathematics Teachers: Topics in Discrete Mathematics

Fall 2001

  • Ok-Kyeong Kim

Winter 2001

  • Kathy Schmidtke

Winter 2000

  • Brock Bukowsky

Winter 1999

  • Angela Tompkins
  • Julie Thomas
  • Ken Simms