Summer 2024

  • Jessica Justice: The Gamma Function (Carlo Morpurgo)

Spring 2024

  • Eliot Bitting: A study of flatness (Rankeya Datta)
  • Nicholas DodsonThe Shape of Data (Zhenbo Qin)
  • Elizabeth LeesIntroduction to Fourier Analysis (Tanya Christiansen)

Spring 2023

  • Benjamin Ashlock: The Dold-Kan Correspondence and Eilenberg-MacLane Spectra (Zhenbo Qin)
  • Mason DoyleWave Decay For Star Shaped Obstacles in $/R^3$ (Tanya Christiansen)
  • Wyatt GregoryInequalities for the Laplacian on Sections of Convex Bodies (Alex Koldobskiy)
  • Konstantinos TseliosHardy Spaces (Loukas Grafakos)

Spring 2022

  • Auric Brockfeld: Untitled (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Justin Dewick: The hyperboloid model of non-Euclidean geometry (Peter Pivovarov)
  • Tim Leafblad: Scalable Frames: A Convex-Geometric Perspective (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Pyam Oveys: Subgraphs of Hypercubes and The Sensitivity Theorem (Petros Valettas)
  • Lukeus Perez: A Result of The Schwarzschild Solution to Einstein’s Field Equations (Adam Helfer)

Fall 2021

  • Truman Thames: A theory of neural computation (Stamatis Dostoglou)

Fall 2020

  • Duc Nguyen: Predict default of credit card clients with simple models (Allanus Tsoi)
  • Danierian Williams: Stability of Option Pricing Using Finite Differences Models (Steve Goldschmidt)

Summer 2020

  • Zimin Miao: Cointegration Analysis on Hemispheric Temperature Relation with Radiative Forcing (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)

Spring 2020

  • Garrett Ebbers: The Linear Quadratic Regulator Problem (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Matthew Peek: An Application of Cubic Splines to Evaluate Helicity (Jan Segert)
  • Spenser Rook: The functional equation for Dirichlet L-functions (William Banks)
  • Alexander Wittmond: (PhD in Math at MU) McMillan’s theorem and the Shannon theorems (Stamatis Dostoglou)

Spring 2019

  • Edward Duran: (PhD in Math at MU) Positivity of the capacity of quiver representations (Calin Chindris)
  • Dorsa Ghoreishi: (PhD in Math at MU) Weak Phase Retrieval and Phaseless Reconstruction (Pete Casazza)
  • Zhengning Hu: (PhD in Math at MU) The Chow Ring of moduli stack of hyperelliptic curves of even genus (Dan Edidin)
  • Shambavi Natarajan: Statistical Mechanics: Gibbs distributions and Ising model for magnets (Stamatis Dostoglou)
  • Eli Peake: An Analysis of Matrix Reduction by Columns and its Applications to Simplicial Homology (Jan Segert)

Spring 2018

  • William Allbritain: (PhD in Math at MU) A Criterion for Detecting m-regularity (Ian Aberbach)
  • Daniel Sinambela: (PhD in Math at MU) Asymptotic Properties of Deep Water Solitary Waves w/ Compactly Supported Vorticity  (Samuel Walsh)

Spring 2017

  • Hakan Delibas: Counting theorems and inverse function theorems for analytic functions (Loukas Grafakos)
  • Rebecca Heinen: (Math Instructor at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO) Conformal Mappings and the Schwarz-Christoffel Transformation (Loukas Grafakos)
  • Lev Marshall: (Graduate program in Philosophy of Religion at the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champagne) Projective resolutions (Junwu Tu)
  • Josh Orrick: Entropy and Cramer’s Theorem (Stamatis Dostoglou)
  • Matt Weinsting: (Math Teacher) Primary Decomposition in Commutative Algebra (Dana Weston)

Fall 2016

  • Kyle Maddox: (PhD in Math at MU) Generic Representations of Quivers and the Saturation Conjecture for Quiver Semi-Invariants (Calin Chindris)

Summer 2016

  • Andrew Fish: An introduction to the Galton-Watson process (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)

Spring 2016

  • Alexandra Archer: (Full-time Instructor at Southwest Baptist University) Rademacher’s series for the partition function (Bill Banks)
  • Robert Biggs: (Academic Skills Specialist at Peru State College in Nebraska) The Classification and Structure of Locally-compact Topological Fields (Bill Banks)
  • Matthew McCoy: Exact Tensor Closures for Jeffery's Equation in Cartesian Coordinates (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Andrei Pavlichenko: (PhD in Math at MU) Persistent Homology applied to Point Clouds on a 2-dimensional Torus (Jan Segert)
  • Jared Stewart: (Calin Chindris)

Summer 2015

  • Katherine Booth:  Continuum Theory, Cantor Sets, and Dimension (D. Pettey)

Spring 2015

  • Andreas Giannopoulos:  The Peter-Weyl Theorem for Compact Groups (S. Takeda)
  • Scott Hiatt:  Torsion Modules and Ideal Transforms (D. Weston)
  • Rui Zhao:  Structure Theorems for Finite Free Resolutions  (H. Srinivasan)

Fall 2014

  • Eric Christopherson:  (Mathematics/Physics Instructor at North Central Missouri College) Brauer Groups and Class Field Theory (S. Takeda)

Spring 2014

  • Thomas Coleman:  The Chow ring of a toric variety  (D. Edidin)
  • David Jones:  The Uniform Artin-Reese property in Noetherian Rings (I. Aberbach)
  • Michael Lambert:  Undecidability of  modules over k<x,y> (C. Chindris)
  • Andrew McCrady:  Places and their Valuation Rings  (D. Weston)

Fall 2013

  • Mazen Alhwaimel:  Gaussian Polynomials and MacMahon's Theorem (Z. Qin)

Summer 2013

  • Ruveyda Karaman:  Lambda Rings (D. Edidin)
  • Joshua Rio-Ross:   Axiomatic Integration Theory: A Brief Acquaintance with the Daniell Integral (C. Morpurgo)

Spring 2013

  • Matthew Davis:  The Riemann Hypothesis and Random Matrices (W. Banks)
  • Adelaide Quaney:   A Summary of  'A Geometric Approach to Global-Stability Problems' (M. Munn)
  • Stephen Quinn:  A Derivation of the Chao Diversity Statistic (S. Montogmery-Smith)
  • Maria Vasko:  Groupoids and Semi-groupoids (D. Mitrea)

Fall 2012

  • Aaron Yeager:  Results in Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory (W. Banks)

Summer 2012

  • Brian Thompson:  Topics in Littlewood-Paley Theory and BMO  (L. Grafakos)

Spring 2012

  • Jonathan Digby:  Demonstrating a Quasi-isomorphism between the de Rham Complex and the Cech Complex Associated to a Good Cover (J. Segert)
  • John Hammond:  Rademacher’s Convergent Series for p(n) (W. Banks)
  • Andrew Jensen:  (S. Dostoglou)
  • Matthew Sealy:  Jang’s Equation and the Positive Energy Theorem (A. Helfer)

Fall 2011

  • Shibi Vasudevan:  Predicting the Orientation of Fibres Suspended in Viscous Fluid: Certain Explorations  (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)

Summer 2011

  • Brock Schmutzler:  Gravitational Collapse and the Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis (A. Helfer)
  • Patrick Spencer:   The Nonembeddability of Lorentz Spaces into L_p (A.  Koldobsky)

Spring 2011

  • Ryan Alvarado:  Topics in Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations: Extension Theorems and Geometric Maximum Principles (M. Mitrea)
  • Daniel Brigham:  Quasi-Metric Geometry: Smoothness and Convergence Results (M. Mitrea)
  • Valerie Granger:  Representations of Clifford Algebras and the Spin Group (S. Wang)
  • Cora Marty-Farmer:  An Introduction to Morse Theory (J. Segert)
  • Lindsey Woodland:  Grassmannians and Frames (D. Edidin)

Summer 2010

  • Joseph Bauer:  The Insolvability of Irreducible Cubics with Real Roots by Real Radicals (S.D. Cutkosky)
  • Josiah Roelfsema:  The Frey Curve and Fermat's Last Theorem (W. Banks)

Spring 2010

  • Sharon Gadient:  Using Dual Quaternions to Describe Motion in 3-Dimensional Space (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Ramin Rasouli:  (N. Asmar)
  • Joel Sievert:  On Maximal Fields with Valuations (S.D. Cutkosky)
  • Chandrasekar Vaidyanathan:  Invertibility of Random Matrices (M. Rudelson)

Fall 2009

  • Steven Senger:  (A. Iosevich)

Summer 2009

  • Zachariah Riel:  (M. Mitrea)

Spring 2009

  • David Covert:  (A. Iosevich)

Fall 2008

  • Aline Hosry:  Theory of Tight Closure and its Applications (I. Aberbach)

Summer 2008

  • Yevgen Oleksandrovich Yampolskiy:  Equivariant Chow groups of toric quotients (D. Edidin)

Spring 2008

  • Jenny Peters:  (Math/Science Specialist, Indpendence Community College), Non-Euclidean Principal Ideal Domains (H. Srinivasan)
  • Dwight Thieme:  Continued Fractions and Quadratic Surds (S.D. Cutkosky)

Summer 2007

  • Glen Day:  Confromal Mapping Animations as Teaching Aids (N. Asmar)

Winter 2007

  • Ryan Murphy:  MacMahon's Formulas on the Generating Functions of Plane Partitions (Z. Qin)
  • Michael Pemberton:  Grobner Bases in Invariant Theory of Finite Groups (I. Aberbach)
  • Kevin Smith:  (Technical Services, Epic Systems), Estimation of the Risk Process Through Brownian Motion (A. Tsoi)

Fall 2006

  • Burke McCray:  Hilbert Functions, Graded Free Resolutions and Stable Ideals

Summer 2006

  • Samar El Hitti:  A Geometric Construction of Generating Sequences

Winter 2006

  • Cara Bartow:  Bass Numbers and Injective Dimension of Finitely Generated Modules over Noetherian Rings
  • Joseph Eimer:  Quantum Computing and the Shor Factoring Algorithm
  • Sabine El Khoury:  Divided Power Algebras of Graded Modules
  • Christopher Farmer:
  • Heidi Hulsizer:  Free and Injective Resolutions for Modules over Noetherian Rings
  • Nicole Leonhard:  Equal Norm Parseval Frames
  • Janet Sipes:  Traditional and Non-Traditional Methods of Establishing Binet’s Formula for the Fibonacci Numbers
  • Nataliya Svyeshnikova:  Magic Squares
  • Nicholas Wegman:  (Graduate Student, Purdue University), Linear Resolutions of Stanley-Reisner Rings
  • Dennis Williams:  Solving multivariable polynomials using Grobner Basis
  • Michael Williams:  Applications of Line Bundles over Riemann Surfaces

Fall 2005

  • Andrew Hinderliter:  Fixed Points

Winter 2005

  • Brook Adams:
  • Kevin Schlereth: Group law for plane cubic curves

Fall 2004

  • Christopher Thornhill:  a-adic Completions of Noetherian Rings

Winter 2004

  • Robert Brieler:  Line Bundles on Flag Varieties and Irreducible Representations

Summer 2003

  • James Ryan Brown

Winter 2003

  • Shannon Koons

Fall 2002

  • Abdulah Al-Otaibi: Carleson Measure Inequalities
  • Rachel Korte
  • Eiko Sakatoku:  A maximum likelihood estimatorof k-factor GARMA model: using the wavelet packet transform

Summer 2002

  • Jacob Owen:  Tail Distributions of Rademacher Series

Winter 2002

  • David Barker:  Bilinear Forms
  • Geoffrey Diestel:  Sobolev Spaces with Trivial Isometries
  • Angela Miller:  The Rubik's Cube: Group Theory of the Anti-Slice Group
  • Kenneth Yan

Fall 2001

  • Oscar Chavez-Lopez:  Borsuk's Conjecture

Summer 2001

  • David Arceneaux
  • Amy Ginn

Winter 2001

  • Stephen Boul

Winter 2000

  • Kimberly Brown
  • Lisa Ramsey

Winter 1999

  • Mark Budden
  • Larry Ellis
  • Heidi Hu
  • Tommy Pyle

Fall 1996

  • Todd McKenzie

Winter 1996

  • Ivan Golemovic

Summer 1995

  • Susan Brooks
  • Ronald Dickson:  Recursion Formalism and Burchnall-Chaundy Polynomials for the Gelfand-Dickey Hierarchy
  • Nabil A. Ghanem

Winter 1995

  • Kelly Ballard
  • Marc Bledsoe
  • Atsushi Nakamoto

Winter 1994

  • Deanna G. Wasman

Fall 1993

  • Annela Kelly

Fall 1990

  • Raja Lachaal
  • Mark Lammers


  • William Valentine AccolaMAS—A Matrix Analysis System


  • Frank Stephen Gillespie:  An Application of the Whitehead-Russell Axioms to Diophantine Analysis


  • Jesse Richard Pratt:  Semi-Continuous Function


  • Nola Lee Anderson:  Invariants in Four-Dimensional Space
  • Marguerite Lenore Zeigel


  • Chester George Jaeger:  A Class of Surfaces Applicable to the Sphere
  • Faith Saunders:  The Uniform Continuity Theorum and its Extensions


  • Georgia Edna Robinson:  Theory of Approximation


  • Elbert Frank Allen:  A Reconsideration of the Lie Theory of One-Parameter Groups
  • Julia Dale:  Comparison of Approximation Methods
  • Clarence Elbert Ferguson:  Surfaces Determined by Vector Differential Equations


  • Lena Rachel Cole:  Solutions of the Differential Equation dy/dx=Q1/Q2 where Q1 and Q2 are Quadratics in x and y
  • Finis Omer Duncan:  Riemann Surfaces for Certain Nonanalytic Transformations
  • Olga Larson:  Indices of Correlation


  • Thomas Wesley Jackson:  A Simple Presentation of Fourier's Series


  • Minnie Wilford Caldwell:  A Statistical Study of the Reliability of Scale Grading
  • Leon Sanford Johnston:  Non-Analytic Functions of a Complex Variable


  • Ernest Franklin Canaday:  A Vector Treatment of the Projective Properties of Plane Curves
  • Albert Heinz:  First year Mathematics Courses
  • Jewell Constance Hughes:  Transcendentalism of Curves and of Numbers


  • Julia Spalding:  Generalizations of Theorems from the Theory of Functions


  • F.D. Bruton:  Errors in Graphical Methods
  • Charles Albert Epperson:  Oscillation of Certain Sets of Orthogonal Functions
  • Harry W. McIntire:  Conditionally Convergent Vector Series
  • Reuben Axel Wester:  Study of the Convergence of Series in Certain Orthogonal Functions


  • Ruth Eversole:  Collection of Graphs to Accompany Certain Topics in the Study of Function Theory of a Real Variable
  • Anna Christine McBride:  Some New Aspects of the Galois Theory


  • Lester R. Ford:  Pointwise Discontinuous Functions


  • Edward Willson Chittenden:  On Integrals over Sets of Points


  • Walker S. Pemberton:  Vectors in Four Dimensions
  • Eula Adeline Weeks:  On Some Classes of Non-Analytic Functions of a Complex Variable


  • Peter Thompson Hedges:  The Treatment of Irrational Numbers in the Secondary Schools


  • Wallie Abraham Hurwitz:  Definition of Improper Groups by Means of Axioms


  • Sara Brewer Rabourn:  Minimum Surfaces
  • Mary Shore Walker:  On Finite Groups with Special Reference to Klein's Ikosaeder
  • William Henry Zeigel:  On Surfaces of Constant Negative Curvature and Their Deformation


  • Thomas Benton Perry:  Solutions of Differential Equations not Obtained by Giving Particular Values to the Constant of Integration in the General Solution


  • Amanda Frederick Becker:  On the Rotation of a Rigid Body about a Fixed Point, the Polhode and Herpolhode of Poinsot
  • Truman Leigh Hamlim:  Convergence of an Infinite Series
  • Fanny Bell Hatcher:  On the Motion of a Sphere on a Rough Horizontal Plane
  • Louis Ingold:  Geometry of Four Dimensions


  • Andrew Gaston Gladney:  Foundation of Geometry


  • Robert Ryland Fleet:  Singular Solutions of Differential Equations of the First Order
  • Carl Manford Moore:  Convergence of Infinite Series


  • Royall Hill Switzler:  On the Consideration of Some Special Points of the Calculus