Spring 2023

  • Yvan Quinn: Brownian motion near a boundary (Stamatis Dostoglou)
  • Mitchell RayEM (Stamatis Dostoglou)

Spring 2022

  • Rachelle Babalao: Using dual quaternions in robotics (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Aaron Beckwith: Physiology-informed Transfer Learning Reveals Differences in Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Vascular Biomarkers (Giovanna Guidoboni)
  • Ziao Chen: Random Neural Network Models (Stamatis Dostoglou)
  • Sebastian Henderson: Numerical Simulation of Gravity Waves (Sam Walsh)
  • Lily Ikoh: Modelling the functions the Lower Urinary Tract (Giovanna Guidoboni)

Spring 2021

  • Hayden Graham: Disease Models (Tanya Christiansen)
  • John Sifuentes: Talagrand's Convex Distance Inequality (Petros Valettas)

Fall 2020

  • Duc Nguyen: Predict default of credit card clients with simple models, (Allanus Tsoi)
  • Danierian Williams: Stability of Option Pricing Using Finite Differences Models (Steven Goldschmidt)

Spring 2020

  • Emily Lichtenegger: Modeling the Three Main Vascular Beds in the Eye and their Connections (Giovanna Guidoboni)
  • Raymond Ngyuyen: (PhD in Math at MU) Hadamard Matrices: Truth and Consequences (Pete Casazza)
  • Jessica Wellington: Development of a Mathematical Model to Investigate Iron Allocation in Plant Systems (Giovanna Guidoboni)

Spring 2019

  • Yechan Hong: Analyzing and Classifying Topological Features of Proteins Using Persistent Homology (Jan Segert)
  • Jingjie Huang: (PhD in Economics at UNC, Chapel Hill) Asset Pricing and Liquidity in an Economy with Search Friction (Allanus Tsoi)
  • Laraine Love: Solving Navier-Stokes for Cavity and Channel Flow (Stamatis Dostoglou)
  • Meihui Zhang: Monte Carlo Simulation of Amazon Stock (Allanus Tsoi)

Spring 2018

  • Stuti Chugh: Using Support Vector Machines  Learning Algorithm and Markov Chains to Build a Spam Classifier (Stephen Montgomery Smith)

  • Katelyn Gutteridge: Calculating the Interleaving Distance (Calin Chindris)

  • Haley Harril: Mathematical Circles (Dorina Mitrea)

  • Max Highsmith: Iterative Approximation of Markov process parameters in a model of large-scale business purchases (Samuel Walsh)

  • Rachel McCormick: (Boeing, St Louis, MO) Simulated Annealing and Portfolio Optimization (Stamatis  Dostoglou)

  • Shuai (Troy) Pei: (Graduate program in analysis of data at Cornell) A Shapley-Value Approach for Influence Attribution (Stephen Montgomery Smith)

  • Jon-Michael Rutter: Nash Equilibria for Normal-Form Games (Stephen Montgomery Smith)

  • Yanni Wu: Indecomposable Representation of Quivers (Calin Chindris)

Spring 2017

  • Kevin Atherton: Function Computability and the Turing-Church Thesis (Stephen Montgomery-Smith)
  • Amanda Croan: Modeling Interest Rates for Series I Savings Bonds (Allanus Tsoi)
  • Billy Horwitz: Rise of Entropy (Konstantin Makarov)
  • Nathan Jewkes: (PhD student in Mathematics Education at North Carolina State University) The Poincaré Bendixson Theorem (Stephen Montogomery-Smith)
  • Caleb Mayfield: Harmonic Functions and the Dirichlet Problem (Loukas Grafakos)
  • Bryan Novak: Inducing Stability or Instability in the Special Cases of the Swing and Pendulum (Konstantin Makarov)
  • Jeff Wagner: Modeling Prepayment of Conventional Mortgage-Backed Securities (Allanus Tsoi)
  • Robin Yim: Modeling and Forecasting Mortgage Foreclosure and Delinquency (Allanus Tsoi)

Spring 2016

  • Jessica Bleile: (Geodetic Analyst, Department of Defense) On the sensitivity of the solitary wave profile recovery formula to wave speed noise (Sam Walsh)
  • Evan Datz: On the Critical Froude Number (Sam Walsh)

Summer 2015

  • Zhujin Guo:  Stable Distributions and Financial Data  (S. Dostoglou)

Spring 2015

  • Carly Sutter:   Existence and uniqueness of solutions of the Prandtl boundary layer equations (C. Chicone)
  • Sean Powers:   Sylvester's Four Point Problem and Exremal Inequalities for Convex Sets (P. Pivovarov)

Fall 2014

  • Ujwal SapkotaMercers Theorem for Integral Operators (Y. Latushkin)

Summer 2014

  • Tengda Chen:  (S. Dostoglou)

Fall 2013

  •  Yuchen Chen:  Impact of Counterparty Risk on the Reinsurance Market (A. Tsoi)

Summer 2013

  • Keyang Daniel Yang:  Explaining the Asset-Growth Anomaly Through the Two-Beta ICAPM (S. Dostoglou & J. Miller)

Spring 2013 

  • Lhakpa Sherpa:  The Risk-Free Rate in Heterogeneous-Agent Incomplete-Insurance Economies (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Aaron Yeager:  From the Law of Large Numbers to the Quantum Zeno Effect (K. Makarov)

Summer 2012

  • Andrew GroteAnalysis of Short Fiber Orientation in Polymer Composites (S. Montgomery-Smith)

Spring 2012

  • Hannah Morgan:  Laws of Thermodynamics from Elastic Collisions (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Eric Mueller:  (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Nicholas Okamoto:  Generating the Geometric Algebra of a Vector Space Equipped with a Non-Degenerate Scalar Product  (S. Wang)
  • Christopher RojasA Local Coincident Economic Index (M. Taksar)

Fall 2011

  • Cheng Hua:   Expected Tenure of Local Government Officials and Government Land Sales in China - A Test of a Loose Conjecture (M.  Taksar)
  • Liyu Qin:  Comparison of value at risk models in foreign exchange (A. Tsoi)

Spring 2011

  • Christopher Mark Atkinson:  The Discrete Time Binomial Option Pricing Model Converging in Distribution to the Continuous Time Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model (A. Tsoi)
  • Jarrod Grewe:   A Mathematically Optimized Strategy of Counter Insurgency Warfare (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Justin Jackson:  The sum of n^5 / (1 + e^{n pi} ) over all odd integers = 31/504 (W. Banks)
  • Ihar Smalyanau:  Every Hilbert space frame has a Naimark complement (P. Casazza)

Summer 2010

  • Shawn Campbell:  (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Jesse Eickholt:  (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • Victor Soria:  (A. Helfer / Q. Zhang)

Spring 2010

  • Moses Mungania:  (S. Montgomery-Smith)

Fall 2009

  • Michael Pemberton:  Elliptic Curves and Their Applications in Cryptography (W. Banks)
  • Heidi Steenblock:  A Priori Estimates for Solutions of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on Surfaces (D. Mitrea)

Summer 2009

  • Samuel Hardwick:  (Z. Qin)

Spring 2009

  • Brandon Fines:  (S. Montgomery-Smith)
  • David Maslar:  (A. Tsoi)
  • Moones Mellouli:  (A. Tsoi)
  • Stephan Spencer:  (S. Dostoglou)
  • Phaisan Pattanakooha:  (M. Taksar)

Summer 2008

  • James Knapp:  Topics from Singular Integrals and Rectifiable Sets in Rn by Guy David and Stephen Semmes (A. Iosevich)

Spring 2008

  • Nathan Crutchfield:  Mathematically Modeling on Fishing Reserves
  • Kristin Nancy Judd:  An Extension Of Green's Theorem With Application (D. Mitrea)
  • Michael Thomas Wuertz:  The Implicit Function Theorem For Lipschitz Functions And Applications (M. Mitrea)

Winter 2007

  • Valeria D'Orazio:  Characterization of Regular Local Ring Via Projective Dimension of R/m (I. Aberbach)
  • Robert Gastler:  Onsager’s vortex approximation for plane flows (S. Dostoglou)
  • Adriano Marzullo:  The Auslander-Buchsbaum Theorem and Cohen Macaulay Rings (I. Aberbach)
  • Temitope Ogunmola:  Classical Risk Processes (A. Tsoi)
  • Katie Uttke:  Forecasting Interest Rates, Asset Prices, and Economic Activity: A Survey of Financial Models and the Numerical Methods that Approximate Them

Fall 2006

  • David Jack:  Incorporation of Directionally Dependent Diffusion with Polymer Composite Flow Theory

Summer 2006

  • Melinda Maw:  Estimating Cheating in Online Classes by using the Randomized Response Technique

Winter 2006

  • Amanda Lewis:  A Novel Approach to Integral Formulas in Analysis
  • Brian Mann:  Estimation of Stock Volatility using High, Low, and Closing Values in order to price European Call Options
  • Erin Quinn:  Coercive Estimates for the Laplace-Beltrami Operator (D. Mitrea)

Fall 2005

  • Oksana Bihun:  Bending with minimal strain energy
  • Rajeev Talkad

Summer 2005

  • Tonya White:  Conformal Mappings and the Use of Green’s Functions

Winter 2005

  • Philippe Fecteau:  Deriving the (sin x/x) integral using convolutions of the indicator functions
  • Jayanthy Ramakrishnan:  Adaptive control of time-varying systems
  • Alexander Samborskiy
  • Sabri Yilmaz

Winter 2004

  • Simona Barb
  • Dustin Foster:  Block Codes
  • Alexey Kryuchkov:  The Extended Matrixc-Tree Theorem, Characteristic Polynomials and Applications
  • Jessica Ostrom:  The Vibration of the Bowed Violin String
  • Richa Puri:  The Upper Bound on the Heat Kernel

Fall 2003

  • Shannon Dingman:  (Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Arkansas) The Convergence of the Fourier Series
  • Felix Katsman
  • Chris Sansing
  • Jared Schlieper:  Subspaces of Lp with p<0
  • Marina Yaskina

Winter 2003

  • Brianne Bamberger:  Mathematics Behind CD Players
  • Rhonda Brockman
  • Carrie Curtis:  Canonical Forms: The Module Approach
  • Kenneth Felts:  Gosper's Algorithm
  • Steve Ornes:  (Freelance Science Writer), Stability and Equilibrium Solutions of Diffusion-Reaction Equations
  • Dondi Walker
  • Ted Walker: The Fast Fourier Transform and Some Applications
  • Pei Yin:  Markov Switching in a Stock Market
  • Linqiao Zhao:  Maximal Functions Associated to Rectangles with Uniformly Distributed Directions

Fall 2002

  • Wilasinee Thaimongkol:  Solving Dirichlet problem using Green's function

Summer 2002

  • Eric Parsons:  The Sound and the Fury: Does on-line music downloading affect record sales?

Summer 2001

  • Mikhail Tsukerman

Fall 2000

  • Ahmed Madison

Summer 2000

  • Terrence Farmer

Winter 2000

  • Lawerance Cranor
  • Diana Hua
  • Andrew Imm
  • Jennifer Richter

Fall 1999

  • Keith Mersman

Summer 1999

  • Nora Sprenger
  • Theron Teter

Winter 1999

  • Cindy Chapman
  • Sungwon Jeong

Summer 1998

  • Elena Koutcherik
  • Brain Hollenbeck
  • Serei Kosakovsky

Winter 1998

  • Patrick Riley

Fall 1997

  • Lucy Koroliak
  • Amy Hutchison
  • Mark Yannotta

Summer 1997

  • Jason Bender
  • Christopher Imm
  • James Baker

Winter 1997

  • James Ayers

Fall 1996

  • Lori Houghton
  • Raja Lachaal:  Methods for solving the Algebraic Riccati Equations (Ahlbrandt)

Fall 1995

  • M. Ben Hadj Rhouma
  • Tammy Voepel
  • Timothy Jones

Summer 1995

  • Susan Brooks
  • John Wright

Winter 1995

  • Susan Gibiser
  • Niall Lynas
  • Daniel King

Summer 1995

  • Kimberly McHale

Winter 1993

  • Ratnam Ratnaseelan
  • Mehmet Unal

Fall 1991

  • Wilhelm Sticka


  • Donald R. Vermillion:  Pseudo-valuation domains
  • David Bryon Slavit:  Unique factorization rings
  • Fathilah Mohdalipiah:  A survey of parallel processing methods in numerical linear


  • Matthew Mayfield:  Future nonspacelike isometries
  • Benjamin Hayden Boone:  A study of surfaces using Homotopy theory
  • Paula Boone:  The inverse transformation : aspects and applications
  • Seheli Sultana:  The Van Der Waals limit in statistical mechanics
  • Chera L. Gavrielatos:  Ultrapower, uniform convexity, and finite representability o
  • Bruce A Hampton:  Iterative methods for solving equations: Halley's method
  • Jean Elizabeth Merilan:  Continued fractions


  • Chris Moriarity:  Fast Generalized Eigenvalue Algorithms