Math 1700: Calculus II

Course Description

This course is devoted to the study of elementary transcendental functions, techniques and applications of integration, sequences, series, power series with applications, parametric equations, and polar coordinates.

Course Documents

Sections Covered from Calculus (8th edition) by James Stewart

Calculus Help Sessions are free tutoring sessions which provide assistance with homework to all Math 1700 students. These sessions are held throughout the current semester (with the exception of breaks).     TBA

Final Exam Help Sessions for Calculus 2 students  (provided by Mathematics Department) will be held on: TBA

Midterm/Final Exam Info: 

All the midterm exams will be held in your regular classroom during the usual class time on the dates scheduled in the course Calendar:

Exam 1:Thursday,  September 16, 2021

Exam 2:Thursday,   October 14,  2021

Exam 3:Thursday,   November  18,  2021

Final Exam: Wednesday, December 16, 2021, 8:00 - 10:00 PM 

Location: TBA