Tanya Christiansen
204 Mathematical Sciences Building

Tanya Christiansen is professor of Mathematics at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Her research is in the area of partial differential equations, primarily in scattering theory. Roughly speaking, mathematical scattering theory is the study of the effects of perturbations on wave propagation.  A related problem is the recovery of information about a perturbation from measurements of scattered waves.


  • 1993 Ph.D., Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, Cambridge, Mathematics
  • 1989 B.A., Rice University, Houston, TX, Mathematics

Frequently Taught Courses

  • MATH 1700 Calculus II,  
  • MATH 8425 Complex Analysis

Research Interests

Partial differential equations, especially spectral and scattering theory.

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Select Publications

T.J. Christiansen, Inverse obstacle problems with backscattering or generalized backscattering data in one or two directions. Asymptotic Analysis 81 (2013), no. 3-4, 315-335.

T.J. Christiansen, Schrödinger operators and the distribution of resonances in sectors, Analysis and PDE 5 no. 5 (2012), 961-982.

D. Borthwick, T. Christiansen, P. D. Hislop, and P. Perry, Resonances for manifolds hyperbolic at infinity: optimal lower bounds on order of growth. Int. Math. Research Notices 2011, no. 19, 4431-4470.

T.J. Christiansen and M. Zworski, Probabilistic Weyl laws for quantized tori. Comm. Math. Phys. 299 (2010), 305-334.

T.J. Christiansen and M. Taylor, Inverse problems for obstacles in a waveguide. Comm. PDE 35, Issue 2 (2010) 328-352.

T. Christiansen, Schrödinger operators with complex-valued potentials and no resonances, Duke Math Journal 133, no. 2 (2006), 313-323.

T. Christiansen, Several complex variables and the distribution of resonances for potential scattering, Commun. Math. Phys 259 (2005), 711-728.