Fritz Gesztesy’s  research centers around applications of operator and spectral theory to a variety of problems connected to mathematical physics.  He has lectured and held visiting positions at numerous institutions and supervised 7 Masters and 14 Ph.D. students.  Currently, he is editor in chief of the Journal of Spectral Theory (EMS).  He also serves as a co-editor of several journals and book series, edited a number of proceedings volumes and special journal issues, and co-authored a Springer book (now in 2nd edition with the AMS) and two Cambridge University Press monographs. Details can be found in his CV.

His professional honors include

Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, University of Bielefeld, Germany, 1980-81 and 1983-84.

Ludwig Boltzmann Award, Austrian Physical Society, 1987.

L.M. Defoe Distinguished Professorship, Dept. of Math., Univ. of Missouri, September 1996 until August 2001.

M. & R. Houchins Distinguished Professorship, Dept. of  Math., Univ. of Missouri, since January 1, 2002. 

Election to the Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letters, Trondheim, Norway, January 1, 2002. 

Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, January 1, 2013.  


1976 Ph.D., University of Graz, Austria

Research Interests

Mathematical physics, operator theory, spectral theory, completely integrable systems, ordinary and partial differential equations.

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Select Publications

F.G., Y. Latushkin, K. A. Makarov, F. Sukochev, and Y. Tomilov.The index formula and the spectral shift function for relatively trace class perturbations. Adv. Math. 227, 319-420 (2011).

F.G. and M. Mitrea. A description of all self-adjoint extensions of the Laplacian and Krein-type resolvent formulas on non-smooth domains. J. Analyse Math. 113, 53-172 (2011).

M. Ashbaugh, F.G., M. Mitrea, and G. Teschl. Spectral theory for perturbed Krein Laplacians in nonsmooth domains. Adv. Math. 223, 1372-1467 (2010).

F.G. and B. Simon. A new approach to inverse spectral theory, II. General real potentials  and the connection to the spectral measure. Ann. Math. 152, 593-643 (2000).

F.G. and R. Weikard. A characterization of all elliptic solutions of the AKNS hierarchy. Acta Math. 181, 63-108 (1998).

F.G. and R. Weikard. Picard potentials and Hill's equation on a torus. Acta Math. 176, 73-107 (1996).

F.G. and B. Simon. The xi function. Acta Math. 176, 49-71 (1996).

F.G., W. Karwowski, and Z. Zhao. Limits of soliton solutions. Duke Math. J. 68, 101-150 (1992).

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