Carmen has published two books and over 90 research articles. Research interests are in the areas of dynamical systems and applied mathematics. Personal hobbies include woodworking and fishing.


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 1977

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MATH 4540/7540. Mathematical Modeling I

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Select Publications

General Relativity Papers on arXiv

Ultrarelativistic Motion: Inertial and Tidal Effects in Fermi Coordinates

Significance of c/sqrt(2) in Relativistic Physics

Black Holes and Ultrarelativistic Particles

Tidal Dynamics of Relativistic Flows Near Black Holes

Dynamics of Relativistic Flows

The Generalized Jacobi Equation

Acceleration-Induced Nonlocality: Uniqueness of the Kernel

...and others

General Relativity

Sustained resonance: a binary system perturbed by gravitational radiation

Chaos in the Hill system

Gravitational Ionization: Periodic Orbits of Binary Systems Perturbed by Gravitational Radiation

Acceleration-induced nonlocality: kinetic memory versus dynamic memory

The generalized Jacobi equation

Delay equations and radiation damping

Chaos in the Kepler system

What are the equations of motion of classical physics?

Ordinary Differential Equations

Synchronization phenomena for coupled delay-line oscillators

A geometric approach to regular perturbation theory with an application to hydrodynamics

Linearization via the Lie derivative

On the continuation of an invariant torus in a family with rapid oscillations

Bifurcations of nonlinear oscillations and frequency entrainment near resonance

Periodic solutions of a system of coupled oscillators near resonance

Invariant tori for periodically perturbed oscillators

Periodic orbits of coupled oscillators near resonance

On the continuation of periodic orbits

Lyapunov-Schmidt reduction and Melnikov integrals for bifurcation of Periodic Solutions in coupled oscillators

Inertial and slow manifolds for delay equations with small delays

Inertial flows, slow flows, and combinatorial identities for delay equations (New)

Asymptotic Phase Revisited (Revised 12/23/03)


Flat embeddings of the Mobius strip

Distortion Minimal Morphing I: The Theory For Stretching (3 November 2005)

A delay differential equation model for surface acoustic wave sensors