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Mizzou Alumni Association

The Department of Mathematics would like to congratulate Lily Ikoh for being one of just 18 Mizzou graduate students recognized my the Mizzou Alumni Association for their remarkable academic achievements and proven leadership. Lily completed her MS in Applied Mathematics this year with Dr. Giovanna Guidoboni as her mentor. 

“Determination to learn and her positive and constructive attitude” are characteristics Dr. Guidoboni used to describe Lily for her NIH-funded Master’s project that involved a team of mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists and neuroscientists from four other major universities. Lily utilized fundamental principles of mathematics and physics to create a virtual laboratory where physiology can be investigated, with the goal of helping people suffering from disease or trauma to regain urinary function.

As a summary of her experience as Lily’s mentor, Dr. Guidoboni stated: “It has been really amazing to see how Lily grew as a well-rounded scientist, learning how to communicate the results of her studies in a way that everyone, regardless of their expertise, could understand.”

We wish you continued success, Lily!

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