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“Mathematics is a kind of art for me,” says Lenka Slavíková, a mathematician who is rated by her former advisor Professor Luboš Pick from Charles University in Prague as an “extremely exceptional scientific talent”. Lenka has received awards from several international mathematical competitions, as well as has several published works, including a co-authoring article, which appeared in the prestigious scientific journal Advances in Mathematics. The results of her bachelor thesis were published in 2012 by Mathematische Nachrichten.

In 2012 she received the award from the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (Charles University) for the best master’s thesis in mathematics. At the moment she is on a three-year post-doctoral fellowship at University of Missouri-Columbia where she is working in the area of harmonic analysis.

Best advice I’ve ever received?
Smiling, everything is better.

How am I different from others?
I walk to work.

What superhero property would I want to have?
Be able to control the weather and teleport long distances.