Shuichiro Takeda
Associate Professor
319 Mathematical Sciences Building

Dr. Shuichiro Takeda's research interests lie in the theory of automorphic representations, which is sometimes called the Langlands program. The Langlands program is at the crossroad of algebra, analysis, number theory and representation theory, and hence connecting diverse areas of modern mathematics. In particular, his research has been focusing on the theory of theta correspondences and its applications to problems on automorphic representations and representations of p-adic groups. Using this theory, partially in collaboration with others, he has produced numerous important results, many of which have been published in top journals in pure mathematics.

During his career, his research has been partially supported by the National Science Foundations. Also internationally, he was a postdoc fellow at the Center of Advanced Studies in Mathematics at Ben Gurion University in Israel, was a Jerrold E. Marsden Postdoctoral Fellow in the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences in Canada, and spent a few months as a visitor at the IHES in France.

Dr. Takeda has been a teacher of mathematics since he was a graduate student. He has taught diverse math courses at various levels in five universities in the U.S., which are San Francisco State University, University of Pennsylvania, University of California at San Diego, Purdue University and University of Missouri at Columbia.


2006 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Mathematics

2001 M.A., San Francisco State University, Mathematics

2000 M.A., San Francisco State University, Philosophy

1997 B.E.,  Tokyo University of Science, Engineering

Frequently Taught Courses

MATH 2300 Calculus III

Research Interests

Automorphic Representation Theory, Representation Theory of p-adic groups, Number Theory

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Select Publications

W.T. Gan and S. Takeda, The Local Langlands Conjecture for GSp(4), Ann. of Math. 173 (2011), 1841-1882.

S. Takeda, The twisted symmetric square L-function of GL(r), Duke Math. J. 163 (2014), 175-266.

W.T. Gan, Y. Qiu and S.Takeda, The regularized Siegel-Weil formula (the second term identity) and the Rallis inner product formula, Inventiones Math, 198 (2014) 739-831.

W.T. Gan and S. Takeda, A proof of the Howe duality conjecture, J. Ameri. Math. Soc. 29 (2016), 473-493.